About Us

Manufacturers & Businesses who want to be able to sell direct to the consumer with their own E-Commerce stores, can now do so without the complexity and without having the resources to be able to achieve this. Hampton Managed Services works with clients and enables them to create, build and manage the day-to-day tasks required for an E-Commerce store.


Hampton Managed Services uses a 3 phase approach:  Build, Operate & Transfer.


Build starts with working to understand your exact requirement - discuss what is possible and agree a way forward. The team then uses our vast knowledgebase of standard operating procedures, to build out your operation.


Operate starts running & managing your store and ancillary websites as required using our standard processes & adding your specific operating procedures. Your Account Manager keeps you across all metrics.


Transfer is the stage where you decide to take the business operation back in-house, the team works to move all the procedures & processes back to you.

Unlike having to deal with multiple vendors & agencies, Hampton Managed Services enables a full end-to-end service.

Successful E-Commerce is NOT about simply building an online store.  Its about building engagement & connection with an audience.  Its about driving that audience to want to acquire your products or services.  Its about giving them the support required to build trust.  Its NOT about fancy design and graphics.  Its about finding our what real consumers are wanting and giving them reasons to try your products & services.  Its a blend of strategy, content and commerce.

Our Services Framework is used to help with the BUILD phase.  Here a sample of discrete services that we are currently providing to clients.  Not all processes need to be used, but the map is a useful one to capture your complete requirements.

Hampton Managed Services is part of the Annan River Associates group of companies, which includes Hampton Commerce, our own in-house E-Commerce brands and Hampton Ventures, our private equity & E-Commerce Acceleration Incubator.