Innovative Integrated Services Framework Brings New Wave of Growth to E-Commerce

Innovative Integrated Services Framework Brings New Wave of Growth to E-Commerce

Innovative Integrated Services Framework Brings New Wave of Growth to E-Commerce

Amazon store owners find unique support framework to grow their businesses

Hampton Managed Services has launched a unique E-Commerce Process & Services Framework to support emerging online retailers earlier this year.

Targeted especially for Amazon e-retailers, the company’s services respond to the critical problem of scalability faced by most businesses that have had some initial success online.

It provides a full end-to-end service for a range of solutions crucial to online businesses including support in sourcing, product listing, marketing, customer communication and logistics.

“We are ‘e-commerce outsourcers’ performing as a team on behalf of the online retailer; bearing the responsibility for key functions and operations, and making it possible for emerging brands to grow without taking on additional expenses of in-house teams in early stages”,  says Murray Priestley, Group CEO

The Company has an established presence managing many client brand’s selling through Amazon and leverages valuable business expertise as well as industry insight to help more such businesses find success with online growth

“We understand the online retail business ourselves. We have first hand experience of pain points and challenges to growth. We acknowledge that outsourcing functions like marketing, communication and logistics to different companies offers expensive, impersonal and often disjointed solutions. By offering a reliable team to act cohesively and take on these important roles on behalf of our clients we share our knowledge, help them grow, and hope to build a vibrant e-commerce marketplace” continued Priestley.  

Many companies look to agencies and virtual assistants to help with selective tasks – but these lack the complete picture compare to a specialist e-commerce outsourcer.   

The novel E-Commerce Process & Services Framework is making significant impact in servicing a sector with immense yet largely unstructured potential. An update released on 17th Feb 2017 by the US Census Bureau news reports total e-commerce sales for 2016 were at $394.9 billion, an increase of 15.1 percent (±1.8%) from 2015 and are estimated to continue growing at this pace.  E-commerce sales in 2016 accounted for 8.1 percent of total retail sales, up from 2015 when they accounted for 7.3 percent of total retail sales.

Within this scenario the company is seeing remarkable success in the uptake of its innovative service framework since its launch in December 2016 and is now set to establish itself as a leader within the sector this year.

The framework and outsourcing team offered by Hampton Managed Services is also attracting factories around South East Asia looking to sell their products directly online especially to American and European audiences, which is the next area of focus for the company.

About Hampton

Hampton Managed Services is a e-commerce outsourcing firm that provides an integrated suite of sourcing, merchanizing, logistics, sales, marketing & customer support solutions that improve operational performance and optimize productivity. We are trusted advisors and service providers to Amazon sellers that sell in excess of $1M of sales per month.

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Jyoti Angresh
March 16th 2017
Hampton Managed Services


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